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Breaking News:

As part of the NASA/Astrobotics DHL Moonbox and Perigrine Lunar Lander Mission to the Moon and as a component of NASA’s first return to the lunar surface in 50 years, a copy of my most recent novel “Skin House” (Anvil Press, 2020 ReLit Best Novel) will be a part of the payload being delivered later this year.


The mission will also see significant experiments conducted with live HD video feeds streaming from the moon as well as a NASA rover that will further enhance our expanding knowledge of the lunar surface. At a cost of more than $300 million U.S. this is a significant ongoing private/public initiative and to think that one of my novels has been included in the first payload is a little staggering.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my current publisher Brian Kaufman, both for being my publisher and for facilitating the requisite file transfers (including the cover by designer Derek von Essen), all those who have supported me in my writing career, and most especially and particularly my friend and fellow author Carolyn R. Parsons (The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott) for providing the means for me to be involved in this historic expedition.

I have always, like many of us, looked up at our moon with no small amount of wonder, and now to consider that those moments of wonder will have an extra facet for me for the rest of my life and perhaps in the lives of my grandchildren, well… it is something. I will be happy to keep you posted as things keep moving forward!