“Take a few consecutive hours out of your life, and read, in one sitting, a book that is compelling, insightful and thoroughly unconventional. Creates vivid images revealed in the author’s beautifully lean and powerful voice. Scores of vignettes are drawn together into a single, breathless tale of endurance, like water droplets coalescing into a dark pool. Buy it.”


– The National Post

- Bill Bissett

- Lynn Crosbie

"Bound to be loved."
- The Chicago Institute for Literature

"A daredevil."
- The National Post

“Reading Blouin’s virtuoso performance is inspiring, clearly brilliant, but also a little disturbing because you start to wonder how some people get to be so darn gifted. … Blouin is the type of author who gets rave reviews because he is talented, a risk-taker, and so unlike anyone else you have ever read.”

– Ottawa Citizen

"The book is irreverent and saucy, unexpected and poignant, none of which gives it enough credit. Blouin writes with spare prose, every word perfect, and repeats the F word A LOT because what else fits with a story where everything has a “hole down which, lately, I cannot help but fall” moment? Conversations and life incidents flip around as if the characters are caught in a giant rotating gumball machine and you don’t know what’s going to pop out next, except you know it’s likely going to be bad, and they may or may not be the cause of their own misfortune but you are going to cheer for them anyway."

- The Mirimachi Reader

"Michael Blouin has written a brilliant and complex narrative."

- This Magazine

"You can pick it up, open it at random, read a few lines, stop, and then ponder the mysteries of life as they enveloped Johnny Cash and Alden Nowlan. Tomorrow and the next day, the experience can be repeated; a few more lines can be savoured."

- The National Post

"Screamingly hilarious, politically incorrect and occasionally touching... Blouin does not write ordinary books. He never bores... every book gets nominated for some kind of award."

- ArtsFile

"Writing like a Daily Devotional."

- The Halifax Telegraph Journal

"Unlike anyone else you have ever read."

- The National Post

"Evolves our understanding of what a novel can do."

- Alejandro Bustos